Rainbow Room


“At long last, a classy queer bar arrives in Old Town”
– Stephan Marc Beaudoin of JUST OUT

In 2006, the original Rainbow Room was created in an effort to provide our club-goers with a separate, more intimate hang out space. With red and amber lighting set against a deep, dark backdrop it was the ultimate hideaway. At that time, the Rainbow Room was open 4 days a week and only during evening hours.  This limited our patrons’ opportunity to experience the space. In order to expand the lounge’s hours of operation, an ‘expansion’ and reinvention of the lounge itself seemed needed. In May 2008, the city informed CC’s that our building’s exterior and structure would be going through a major reconstruction, which would restore the original grandeur of the building and its historic design. With this in mind, the owners thought “what better time than now” to give the old lounge an all new look. Enlisting the help of Interior Designer, Steven Fosnaugh, owners John Houston & Bruce Rice started work on the new, highly anticipated Rainbow Room Lounge. In June 2008 the all new, redesigned lounge opened it’s doors. Be it day or night, with large windows, mesmerizing mood-lighting and stylishly comfortable furnishings the Rainbow Room Lounge is now THE hot spot.